Welcome to the Jungle is the 5th Episode of Aztec Gold.

Synopsis Edit

The Crew travel South on their newly acquired dirigible to investigate the coordinates on the datapad Cybersloth won in the poker game. They avoid Aztlan, but end up in Aztechnology airspace. The Edgelord is able to talk his way out of direct conflict, but an escort of drones accompanies they until they leave the contests airspace.

The crew lands the next day outside a ziggurat, where they find and kill a native tiger. A woman in tribal tattoos appears form the rainforest and makes warning gestures towards the ziggurat. The Crew ignore her, and configure the dirigible to attack anyone other than the crew who attempts to board it.

Inside the ziggurat, the crew discovers a series of puzzles, including a maze and an ancient computer. Through clever use of computing and minor blood magic, they are able to communicate with a millennia-old AI named Singlefrost. She informs them that she is the guardian of The Everclear, a device capable of rewriting what it means to be a man.

The Everclear was created by a council of seven early civilizations: The Egyptians, the Maori, the Aztec, the Gaelic, the Israeli, the Chinese, and the members of Atlantis. In addition to the Everclear, the seven created the Interweave, an early method of communication over great distances. Singlefrost informs the group that the Atlanteans betrayed the other six, who created several artifacts that would enable any four members of the group to track down the other three.

Singlefrost allows the crew access to an artifact that will help them track down the Atlanteans, provided they act in her stead to ensure that the Everclear is not used irresponsibly. All of the crew suddenly notice a connection to the Interweave, an ancient version of the Matrix, that they are able to connect to without the use of Decks.

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