The Three Words are the key code to the ExoHyual corporation factory artifact. If they are spoken by an authorized voice (such as Jocelyn White), the panel would unlock. The words change evey five seconds. The Three Words were first introduced in Actions and Reactions.

The WordsEdit

Here are all of the words that displayed on the LED panel during gameplay.

Jaguar, Eliptical, Wordsmith
Purple, Ruinous, Tactical
Restraint, Maladroit, Axiomatic
Abusive, Melodic, Caress
Obstruct, Unkempt, Largesse
Ungainly, Albatross, Terrain
Masquerade, Thumbtack, Epiphany
Uganda, Skyscraper, Tumultuous
Overthrow, interlock, combustion
Disrepair, electrify, roundabout
Tenacity, Diplomatic, Hypotenuse
Reindeer, Horoscope, Withdrawl
Boron, Vasectomy, Rumination
Belguim, Rhombus, Landscape
Rainstorm, Salvation, Eclipse
Ostritch, Beguile, Rampart

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