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Number Name Description
1 False Starts and First Impressions Down a player, the group struggles to gain familiarity with Shadowrun mechanics. Their characters, mostly nameless, embark on a data heist, attempting to steal and destroy a prototype from a AAA corp.
2 A Time For Introductions The runners are hired to retrieve a file that seems oddly familiar to those who ran a heist earlier the same evening. Additionally, Burnout is invited to a high stakes poker game as several nights out take a dramatic turn for the worse.
3 Railroads and Retcons Wanted by the law and talking over a panting dog, the runners go on a spontaneous road trip with a trigger-happy, insurance-selling stranger.
4 The Maiden Katrina Firmly established as fugitives from the law, the crew takes advantage of Doc's hospitality as they acquire new gear in preparation for their journey into the heart of Amazonia.
5 Welcome to the Jungle The Crew travels to Amazonia where they navigate through an ancient ziggurat to discover the secrets of El Dorado, as well as an ancient curse...
6 13 Missed Calls Leaving the ziggurat, The Crew tests out their newfound powers as they are conscripted to pull a job for Aztechnology in exchange for clemency. All the while, their comms keep ringing.
7 Stonehenge and Other Anomolies Dedicated to their task of finding Atlantis, The Crew defends an accused murderer in a court of law, hoping he can help them use his heirloom to show them the secrets of Stonehenge. After things turn south, The Crew tries their luck in the pyramids of Giza instead.
8 The Terracotta Army The crew heads to China to find the artifact buried there, trying to decipher the clue they found in Egypt. All they know is that the artifact is among the dead, and that they should ask Xia for directions.
9 SINs of the Father Arriving at Easter Island, the crew meets a historian who points them towards their next artifact, a tablet in the possession of a racist lieutenant. After making a quick getaway to Armageddon, things heat up in the search for the final artifact.
10 Actions and Reactions Disguising themselves as EVO personnel investigating the HTR contract, Burnout, Nova, and Mothra infiltrate the ExoHyual factory and attempt to steal the last artifact. Things do not go according to plan.
11 End of Days The crew makes their way to Atlantis and make a choice that will impact all of metahumanity.
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