This is the first episode of Aztec Gold. It marks the first appearance of Finnegan, as well as most of The Crew, including Mothra, Cybersloth, The Edgelord, and Nova.

Synopsis Edit

The show starts with a cold open mid-run on an Ares Macrotechnology data center. They payload: blueprints for a mysterious prototype in development. The job was arranged by a tall, thin elf who gave his name as Mr. Johnson. He smelled like cigars and wore a suit with sleeves that didn't quite reach to his wrists.

Johnson provided an access card from a former employee and said that getting in should be easy. "Don't be seen" he stressed. He said the card worked a month ago, and he felt fairly confident that using it wouldn't draw too much heat. After Finn's 10%, each of the crew members was to receive 9500 nyuen.

The crew makes their way to the server room, jack in, and locate the file. Doing so calls down a samurai drone on top of them. They quickly dispatch of it, and alter the security cameras to remove evidence they were there. Cybersloth copies the file and sets off a data bomb, destroying any backups on the server.

Returning to Mr. Johnson, the crew hands over the file (keeping a local copy) and gets paid. The Edgelord heads to Finn to give him his share. The episode ends with Finn saying that he has another job for a crew of five. It should be easy, he says, "but if you're not up for it, I can give it to Maggie Moonshine's crew". The accepts, and Finn says "I think you'll like this one."

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