The ExoHyual factory is located in Armageddon and is owned and operated by Jack and Jocelyn White. It's run on efficiency, with guard shifts happening frequently. There are 3 patrols, two interior and one exterior. Each patrol consists of two guards who rotate paths every hour. Only the guards on exterior patrol are expected to remain on high alert.

The factory has two entrances, one above that goes to catwalks and stairs, and one immediately below it in a locker room that can only be accessed by a train direct to an EVO HTR team. It also possesses two emergency exits. The factory is located in the basement of a 5-story ExoHyual building. The top floors are mostly dedicated to design space, reception, and storage. The roof of the building contains a helicopter pad.

The factory itself is powered by one of the Artifacts, an oblong egg that perpetually spins. All of the machinery in the factory is incredibly old, and human labor is used in place of advanced machinery or robots. This is because of the resonance field the artifact puts off, which interferes with electronic operation.

The factory is laid out in a sprawling spiral from the artifact at the center, with conveyor belts carrying parts to lasers and heavy machinery at regular intervals. The use of machines makes a kind of thrumming beat that would be rhythmic if it weren't so loud. Around the factory are workbenches where people solder weld components.

Along with the machinery, the factory contains two large turrets on rails that can be aimed at the factory floor. A set of catwalks crisscross over the floor, allowing the foreman to inspect work from above, as well as trigger emergency stops or alarms. In addition to the safety measures provided above, each machine has emergency stops in the form of laser lines and hand pulls. There is also a gun safe in the locker room that only the foreman has keys to.

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