Doc Prospectus is an old dwarf with several cybernetic limbs and tattoos, including an old Ares Macrotechnology logo on his neck. He lives in a mansion outside of Skykomish, Washington. The Doc is acquainted with Manda Darl, who robbed a pharmacy to get him "medication" in episode 3.

History Edit

In Welcome to the Jungle (Part 1), doc reveals that he is a retired runner whose crew was set up during a successful run against Ares Macrotechnology. He said it was the only run against a AAA Corp he's made.

Doc was married at one point, but his wife is presumably dead.

Racism and Addiction Edit

Doc has strong negative feelings towards elves that manifest in the use of racial slurs. He claims he isn't racist towards them, but has a "professional disinclination" towards working with them, as he claims he's had too many runs go "drekward" when an elf mage has gotten distracted. [1] Doc is also a frequent user of BTLs, many of which he buys from Lady Retweet.

Mansion Edit

The Doc lives in a large mansion with several floors and many rooms, including at least two bathrooms.

Outside, there is a cemetery, the gates of which read sic semper fidelis, which can be translated as "thus always to loyalty" or "It is always faithful".

There is a hanger behind the mansion that appears to house some sort of airship. It was revealed that this ship is the Lady Katrina, a dirigible capable of carrying dozens of passengers.

Appearances Edit

Railroads and Retcons

The Maiden Katrina

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